Diesel Fuel Polishing Services

The Importance of Diesel Fuel Polishing / Diesel Reconditioning

Emergency power is critical when disaster or storms strike. Are you really prepared? Experience has shown that fuel stored to operate emergency generators is too often neglected. Generator manufacturers report that over half of generator failures are due to degraded fuel issues. Fuel quality can quickly deteriorate and become unusable when stored for months and years at a time. When called upon during an emergency, this degraded fuel can plug filters, damage engine fuel system components and ultimately disable your emergency generator system.

The solution is Fuel Polishing. Fuel polishing is a process of water removal, filtering the solids that naturally occur when fuel is stored and treating the fuel with additives that restore fuel to new condition.

Typical indicators of degraded fuel:

Our Diesel Fuel Reconditioning and Polishing Services

We offer advanced diesel fuel polishing and reconditioning services for diesel fuel stored for standby generator system use.

Contact us to see how we can assist you with your diesel fuel polishing and fuel system maintenance needs at 502-966-3400 or email us at gregb@vteng.com.

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